Green Web Hosting

At Fairwind Creative, we embrace green technology whenever possible. We do our part to support renewable energy by making it a “breeze” to make ethical choices for your business. With so many web hosting options out there, it’s nice to know there are eco-friendly alternatives available, like our 100% wind and solar powered web hosting. Contact us to learn more.

Web hosting can feel pretty daunting if you’re just starting a website, and new to the terminology of cyberland. Long story short, there are lots of technicalities that can make or break your website’s performance. Fairwind won’t talk you into services you don’t need (after all, you wouldn’t put a Porsche engine into a Honda Civic), and we offer a range of flexible options to support your website needs as your business grows. We’ll work with you to choose a plan that fits.

Our web hosting is 100% powered by certified green renewable energy sources

With our web hosting, and all our other services, we strive to do our part to keep the planet healthy. We promote the development and use of wind and solar energy resource, which offsets the power consumed by the data centres where our clients’ websites are stored. Every kilowatt hour of power you use, including running your website, has an effect on the rest of the world. The generation of electricity, and its resulting greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, is the single most contributing factor to industrial pollution in the world.

But we can all do our part to help reduce pollution. By putting equivalent clean energy back into the grid, we effectively reduce our carbon footprint and support renewable energy initiatives. By choosing green web hosting, you as a website owner can help minimize the environmental impact of your online presence, actively reduce your carbon emissions, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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If you’re just starting out, you might only need the basics, but it all depends on the types of content and functionality your website will feature. We’re here to answer your questions! To get started, here are a few common questions we’re asked:

Our websites are automatically backed up daily. In addition, we test out software updates on a cloned copy of the site first (a staging site), as a safety precaution to ensure that they will function properly on the public (production) website.

You bet! Every one of our websites includes a free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt, with the option of upgrading to an Alpha Wildcard SSL for more robust protection. This not only offers protection for your visitors, but Google and other search engines tend to put a greater emphasis on websites beginning with “https://”.

Registering a domain name is the first step to building a website. If you don’t already have one, we will gladly register it for you and bundle the annual cost in with your web hosting. Most domains start at $25/year.

Totally your choice! We can build your website on whichever host you prefer. If you already have a hosting account, we’ll just need access to it.

We certainly do! We provide optional email services with every hosting account. Even our smallest website hosting package includes up to 5 email accounts.

In order to “live” on the web, all websites require hosting. WordPress sites require their own hosting account, where the software is manually installed. If you prefer a “hosted platform” like Shopify or Squarespace, you will instead buy a subscription from them, which includes hosting.

Canada, baby! We’re a 100% Canadian company, but we host websites for several U.S. clients as well. Your files will physically live in Ontario.

Hosting & WordPress Maintenance Packages

WordPress web hosting

Grow your business success with a hosting plan tailored to your needs!

cedar tree


A sturdy, healthy start.

  • 2.5GB SSD storage
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free WordPress migration
  • Free domain for 1st year*
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (https)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Brute force attack protection
  • Automated malware scanning & removal
  • Monthly WordPress updates
  • Daily website backups up to 2.5GB
  • 3 editor-level WordPress accounts
  • Up to 5 POP/IMAP email accounts*
  • Webmail, spam filters, autoresponders

Suitable for a website with up to 20 pages—or a blog—including a contact form, slider, and photo gallery. Not applicable for e-commerce. *Email storage: 500MB per mailbox or 2.5GB total shared.

$350 per year

arbutus tree


Broaden your reach.

  • All items from Cedar package, PLUS:
  • 5GB SSD storage
  • Premium Wildcard SSL certificate
  • Shopping cart - 50 products max
  • Advanced security features
  • Server firewall & intrusion detection
  • 4x More Server Resources
  • Unlimited traffic allowance
  • Up to 10 editor-level WP accounts
  • 1 admin-level WordPress account
  • Up to 20 POP/IMAP email accounts*
  • Daily backups up to 5GB

Suitable for a website with up to 100 pages, multiple contact forms, sliders, photo galleries, blog, and small online store with up to 50 products. *Email storage: 500MB per mailbox or 5GB total shared.

$550 per year

sequoia tree


Reach for the stars and stand out.

  • All items from Arbutus package, PLUS:
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • Shopping cart - 500 products max
  • Daily backups up to 10GB
  • 30-day archive of website backups
  • Unlimited email accounts˜
  • Email attachment size 20MB

Suitable for an enterprise level website with up to 1000 pages, multiple contact forms, sliders, photo galleries, event calendars, blog, and a full-scale online store with up to 500 products (customer accounts extra). ˜ Email storage: 20GB shared.

$795 per year

Rates in Canadian dollars • billed annually • non-refundable. 20% discount offered for registered charitable organizations. *Free domain (for 1st year of hosting) limited to $25 max. value, as determined by third party domain registrar. *Standard email accounts are offered through Webmail and can be configured to work with your own email client (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.) – email support additional.

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Our Green Energy Web Hosting Sources

As a business owner, you have a lot of options available to your for web hosting. These choices say a lot about your social responsibility. Fairwind offers only green energy web hosting, produced the following amazing wind and solar companies:

wind powered web hosting

Mariah del Norte Wind Farm

Parmer, Texas (map)

The 230-megawatt Mariah del Norte wind project was acquired in February 2022 and is located in Parmer County, Texas, USA. Generation from the project is sold into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas energy market. More info »


  • Wind farm name: Mariah North
  • 96 onshore turbines: GE Energy 2.4-107 (power 2 400 kW, diameter 107 m)
  • Total nominal power: 230,400 kW
wind powered web hosting

Elk City Wind I

Roger Mills, Oklahoma (map)

Elk City Wind (developed and owned by NextEra Energy Resources) is a 199.7MW onshore wind power project. It is located in Oklahoma, USA. The project is currently active, and has been developed in multiple phases. Post completion of construction, the project got commissioned in December 2009. More info »


  • Wind farm name: Elk City Wind
  • 43 onshore turbines: Siemens SWT-2.3-93 (power 2 300 kW, diameter 93 m)
  • Total nominal power: 98,900 kW
solar powered web hosting

South Loving Solar

Jeff Davis County, Georgia (map)

Silicon Ranch South Loving Solar PV Park is a 52MW solar PV (photovoltaic) power project developed by Silicon Ranch and owned by Sawnee Electric Membership Cooperative (with a 34% stake). It is located in Georgia, the US. The project got commissioned in April 2017. More info »


  • Project/land size: 35,000 acres (55 sq. miles)
  • Generation capacity: 52 megawatts
  • Nominal capacity factor: 25%
  • Individual solar array power produced: 30MW
  • Total annual power produced: 110,000 megawatt hours (enough to serve 7,500 households)
  • Offset equivalent: 83,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions