Graphic Design & Branding

Is going green important to you? We use ethical business practices wherever possible, without compromising quality. Forest friendly printing solutions are available and Fairwind Creative goes the eco-friendly route wherever possible. Please contact us to discuss your graphic design and branding needs.

Print Marketing

To promote healthy forest management, Fairwind has built relationships with award winning, carbon-neutral print shops who embrace the use of sustainable products. Their paper suppliers use alternative renewable energy sources, reduce chemical energy and water usage, and source post-consumer materials and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forest fibre, perfect for digital printing, offset printing, and specialty printing. When we present final, printed design pieces to our clients, they are witnessing the culmination of careful material sourcing and time-perfected green techniques.

Myth: “Print is Dead”

We love trees, but paper is not the enemy. People tend to shy away from printing these days because they want to save forests, but in fact, internet technology can actually be far more damaging if it’s not done with the environment in mind.

There will always a need for printed marketing materials. Fairwind offers forest-friendly solutions for all traditional printed paper products. Need some eco-friendly business cards to hand out to your walk-in clients? Stationery and pens? Table tents for your annual conference? Pocket folders to showcase your company’s latest offerings? Concert tickets or gift cards? Or how about postcards for a high-volume mailing? Our printers are even Canada Post certified.

Forest-Friendly Printing

To support our efforts to promote healthy forest management, Fairwind has partnered with award winning, carbon-neutral print shops throughout British Columbia who embrace the use of sustainable products. These shops use paper made with 100% post consumer or alternative fibres, and are perfectly suitable for digital printing, offset printing, and specialty printing.

Our print shops work with paper suppliers who use alternative renewable energy sources, reduce chemical energy and water usage, and source FSC® certified forest fibre1. These suppliers care about the environment and are committed to a sustainable future. They source pulp from sustainable forests, use recycled fibre, conserve water, and harness wind power for their mills’ electrical energy. Their innovative manufacturing processes result in minimal impact to the environment and its natural resources, as well as internationally recognized scientific methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which assess the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle.

1 — The Forest Stewardship Council is a global not-for-profit organization that sets the standard for responsibly managed forests world-wide, both environmentally and socially.

The printers we work with manufacture their own inks right at their plant, matched precisely to your unique brand. For many types of design projects, you can choose ink composed of crushed rock and soy or vegetable oil. Any unused ink gets catalogued in the system and reused for future projects. Any materials that can’t be recycled or repurposed (such as used cleaning rags) are incinerated, and the ash remnants are used to help build roads. Award winners for their sustainability methods, these printers are committed to recycling and managing waste properly.

Motion Design

Videos and animation are great ways to showcase your products and services on your website, as well as on social media. Shoppers love to watch demonstrations prior to making a purchase, and explainer videos are a great way to reinforce your company’s elevator pitch. Presenting a quick tour of your shop, with the smiling faces of your staff, can win you the sale. Fairwind Creative works with talented professionals versed in the creative process of transforming our clients’ stories into video—from commercials, to documentaries, to branded videos.

Product Photography & Photo Editing

Quality product photography goes hand in hand with running an online store. Before we set up your e-commerce shop, let’s make sure all of your product photos are up to par with proper lighting and consistent sizing.

Fairwind also has years of experience editing photographs for professional use. Colour correction goes a long way to improving the appearance of your website or other marketing piece. Need the backgrounds removed from some staff photos? Want to remove the power lines from a nice landscape shot, or maybe an accidental reflection on a window? When is comes to photo editing, we’ve got you covered.